1. Over 50 vegetable types

  1. Over 500 vegetable varieties

  1. Complete growing information for every vegetable type (germination temperatures, planting depth and spacing, soil pH, growing and harvest tips, etc.)

  1. Custom planting dates for every vegetable type by USDA hardiness zone

  1. Complete variety descriptions, including images, average size and/or weight, days to maturity, disease resistance, and notable attributes such as open-pollinated, heirloom, cold- or heat-tolerant, AAS winner, etc.

  1. Ability to add your own vegetable types and varieties

  1. Powerful filtering capability allows you to search for varieties based on common name, scientific name, description, size range, weight range, days to maturity range, notable attributes (e.g., open-pollinated, heirloom, cold- or heat-tolerant, AAS winner, etc.), and/or type-specific attributes (e.g., only indeterminate tomatoes, only pickling cucumbers, etc.)

  1. Over 50 common garden plant diseases, with images, descriptions, and control tips

  1. Over 40 common garden pests, with images, descriptions, and control tips

  1. Over 800 total images

  1. Allows tracking key dates for each variety in your garden (planting date, sprout date, thinning date, flowering date, harvest start date, harvest end date)

  1. Allows entering unlimited notes for each garden variety and also at the overall garden level

  1. Allows entering custom variety photos and photos at the garden level

  1. Manage multiple gardens seamlessly.  You can start planning next season's garden while still tracking this season's.

  1. Add varieties to a shopping list

  1. Shop the web for seeds for the varieties in your shopping list, without leaving the app (requires an internet connection)

  1. Track your purchases, including source, date, notes, and varieties purchased (moved over from your shopping list)

  1. Build custom lists with optional notes for keeping track of varieties outside of your garden (Ideas, Gems, and Duds)

  1. Supports displaying temperature data in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, and size or weight data in English or metric units

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